H.O.P.E. Senior Peer Mentoring Program


Program Goal

The HOPE Senior Peer Mentoring Program’s goal is to address mild to moderate levels of anxiety and/or depression in older adults through the use of compassionate mentoring from volunteers along with self- guided workbooks.

Brief History

Since 1989, the Peer Mentoring Program has continued to evolve to meet the demands of older adults experiencing mental health needs. We began as a pilot project to address depression and loneliness in the older adult population by providing weekly phone calls or weekly visits to participants who resided in various settings. In 2015, we transformed into an evidence based practice with a mission of addressing mild to moderate levels of anxiety and depression in older adults. This transition was made possible by pairing self-guided workbooks with peer mentor facilitation. Today our program serves numerous clients each month in Marion, Polk, Yamhill, and Clatsop Counties and would not be possible without volunteers like you!

Program Milestones

  • 2007- MetLife foundation award (one of five programs in the nation, recognized in fostering vital aging.)
  • 2012- Oregon Governor’s Outstanding Regional Volunteer Program Award.
  • 2015- Transformation to an Evidence Based Practice

How We Help

Participants meet with program staff who gather demographic and diagnosis information in addition to providing an overview of the program. Once the participant is enrolled, they are assigned a mentor who meets with them to learn about the struggles they are currently facing. Mentors work with their mentees; for about an hour a week, to provide problem solving support and help to navigate through the workbooks. Once the participant has completed the program, they are able to keep the workbooks for continued use. Participants are typically enrolled for about 10 weeks, however there are no limits on how long participants can be enrolled or how often they can choose to access this service. This program is provided free of charge to participants.

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  1. I am interested in finding out more about the HOPE program. Where is it offered? What workbook is used? How do seniors find out about HOPE or sign up? Etc.

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