Champion Team


Champion Team began in 1998 by a small group of people that had experiences with hospitalizations and institutions. While trying to live independently in a world that has not always been accepting of their illness, the peers wanted to support one another. This small group of people began what peer support for Champion Team and Yamhill County looks like today.

One of the best things about Champion Team is that everything offered is so valuable to every single person’s quality of life and well-being, and it is completely FREE to each member. Champion Team understands that a person’s recovery is priceless and we are honored to contribute to their process. Because of this, we are committed to maintaining little to no cost services for everyone in Yamhill County with a self-identified need. The number of people coming continues to increase. In order to keep fulfilling our mission and continuing to grow we need the support of our great community. Whether you can give your money, your time or your heart, we want you on our team! Help us eliminate social stigma and promote wellness and healing in our community.