5 Rock Ranch


Our passion has always been to find and help troubled kids, runaways and those who were floundering. Floundering to us is that struggle to prevent from drowning. It’s a horrible place to be because you’re giving everything to not drown, but you can’t seem to get to a place where you can swim out of your situation. We’ve been so privileged to be able to reach out and pull people out of a floundering situation, and put them in safe place.

We’ve known and believed since we first met through and the first days of our marriage, that God promised us a place where we could take in hurting, struggling people and provide refuge, hope and restoration. Over the years, we had over 100’s of “strays” as we called them, come to live with us and our three boys. We held regular jobs, and kept busy raising our family and serving our church. We knew God called us to serve Him by loving on broken people.

The Five Rocks


Providing a sacred place and biblical way to seek the Lord with all their heart.



Providing a place of peace and rest where people can seek the Lord without fear.



Providing immediate short-term shelter and support while a follow-up plan is established.



Providing an intimate sanctuary for each person or family to get away and draw near to God, as part of the larger church.



Providing a place for service and an opportunity to be a missionary on the ranch.